When you decide to have a new website created, before even thinking about what it has to look like, you need to talk to us, your local SEO expert in cape town.

Working together, we look at the purpose of your new website, what its primary function will be, what value it will bring to your existing customers, and then your potential customers.

SEO Web Design – For Your existing Customers

A great website must serve as your online office. A place where existing customers spend time it is a valuable investment of their time, perhaps part of the their business service, a resource of knowledge and information, a place where they can learn to become experts in everything your business offers and make use of that ‘partnership’ with your company. When people use your company, they will reference to your website often. It is human nature to just quickly tape your company name into google and click the first link they see. People cannot and do not hunt through endless bookmarks if they want something quick.


The Almighty Page 1

If your website doesn’t rank on page 1 on google, you will lose 90% of potential visitors, customers, relevance in your market, and value in your bank. Whatever you do, make sure today that your website ranks naturally, organically, in the top 5 positions on google, for the top keywords people ate likely to search for, for the next 5 years.

SEO Web design – For Prospective New Customers

The purpose of any business is to be a partner of sorts, either a supplier or a supporting service offering to the customers out there in the world. Everyone NEEDS something, all the time. People who need you and your business, are seeking you out. When a person is ready to make a buying decision, everyone uses the internet to explore their options before committing to a business partner or supplier.

Everyone wants to spend their money well.

And everyone should want a great profit return on their expenditure. The procured item or service must “work” and generate an income greater than what it cost.

Your new website must take this into consideration, How do I show my prospective “seeking” future customer out there how we, business X, will be their best investment choice, the best place to spend their money. How will we help them achieve their goals, make their life easier, more profitable. How do I convince my potential buyer that every cent he spends with us will return as an investment to them?

Your new website must LEAD the prospect on this psychological logical and emotional journey to buying decision and a payment conclusion. They MUST buy in order for you to potentially make a profit.

Your Website Must Convert

Understanding this journey helps us design your new website better. First it serves existing customers and brings them back time and again for “Value” and second, it helps potential buyers along their decision making journey, concluding in a sale WITH YOU.

Your new website MUST CONVERT the seeking visitor into a buying customer. Else why even bother.

Websites by themselves are dumb pamphlets in a dark locked closet

If nobody sees your website, if nobody visits your website, it serves zero purpose other than to be a more info location for your business card you hand out.

People must know about and VISIT your website.

If nobody comes through your online office’s front door, you are out of business. Simple right?

So HOW do you get people through your door?

Offline print marketing. Banners, print ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, business cards, events, seminars, partnerships with other businesses.

These are usually one-time exposures to a potential public. You might have a prospects attention for a quarter of a second before the ad, or flyer is passed over, never to be seen again. A VERY Expensive attempt to try grab a potential buyer who in that split second has such a pain point that your advert grabs his attention with a Ah Hah! A very expensive 99.99% wasted marketing budget with almost zero return on “invested” expenditure.

Online marketing. The Modern Way

Online ads displayed at great expense on social media and search engines. Expensive marketing because it is so very effective. Why? Because you are only SHOWN, “put in front of” a prospective buyer (or competitor) who is actively seeking or have a historic “pattern of interest” in a set of words, we call them keywords, which are relevant to YOUR business.

Paid Search Engine Ads. Either pay for impressions displayed, or more often, as per google, Pay Upon Click. So you pay a big price you bid for someone who only CLICKS on your advert which takes them to your website.

Paid social media ads. The same applies to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms. You pay either for exposure or for clicked links. You are paying for the 1-3 seconds of viewer’s attention. In this time you must GRAB their attention and KEEP it long enough to go on a buying journey.

Organic Search Display…

How Search Engines Work. Free Traffic to your door. IF… Maybe.. So how do search engines like Google work? This is sooo important to understand, this paragraph should be in giant red letters.

When a potential buyer searches for a your service or product, and Google or some search engine DECIDES that your website may be a “good fit” for the “intent” (guessed) of that searcher, then Google will display a natural listing for your website. When a searcher/buyer clicks through this “free-advert” listing to your website, it costs you NOTHING. This is by far the best way to get buyers through your door. Convince Google that your website is the BEST place where their searcher will find what he is looking for.

This is critical to understand. Google must VALUE your website sufficiently to say hey, these are the top 5 websites where we believe you the searcher will find what we “think” you are looking for. We can guess what you are looking for by understanding the words you chose to search for, its content, its probable intent, we look at language and your past history and and and, so, it seems you are in the market for a industrial grade drill for your home building project, we can tell, because you have been researching SDS drills and concrete drill bits and comparing pricing and and. We believe this website we crawled and indexed will be one of the best 5 places you will find what you need. It is in Googles best interest that they serve you the very best quality of information, you the searcher is looking for. Why? If the results are poor and irrelevant, you will simple start using Bing or some other engine.

Your choices

SEO Planning is a long-term Great Investment. Invest into your next 5 years of no cost ads. It is a monthly investment cost that sometimes seems expensive for slow results for the first few months, but its a giant snowball in the making. Month after month it naturally grows and soon, your website is flooded with feet through the door and it costs you nothing. Google now believes your website is one of the top 5 for the specific keywords searched by your buyers. We help you figure this all out, WHO is your ideal buyer and then we help Google understand that your company is the perfect relevant authorities match for them.

Paid advertising produces immediate results but is expensive and lasts but a second. Once spent, the money is gone. For paid ads, you need to develop a strategy at great trial expense to finally get that mix of, spend $1000 on ads, make $2000 or $5000. It can take $100,000 or $1million to get this mix right.

Modern Day Buying: Unless a buyer knows your BRAND and buys it out of principle for the last 10 years and have brand loyalty, in this modern world, 90% of any buying decision is made Online. The last 10% is might be the actual feel and touch a few people may need, like buying a car, they want to test drive and feel the product. But most products, from insurance to groceries, from laptops to a doctors appointment, everything happens online. And what most businesses do not yet recognise, is this is only the beginning. They are not positioning to BE READY as the future rushes in and their relevance rushes out the back door.

Within 3 seconds you are likely to lose 90+% of people who “clicked” your advert, maybe 5% spends a few minutes on your website to see if you make them FEEL that You may be a good option to add to their short list of potential providers.

Everyone makes a short list.
Everyone researches that list before making a buying decision.
Do you have the product or service they want?
Are you making them FEEL that you are competent and offer quality?
So you make them FEEL that your offer is Great Value?
Do you make them FEEL that their investment with you is the BEST place they can choose?
Are many other customers happy and do they give you many authentic reviews?
Can they see extensive Social Proof, that you are a reliable and great choice?

In summary words…


This is a journey, from discovery, to comfort, to decision, choice, to action…

RedLine Web Works Pro SEO Web Design Agency

What do WE do for you?

  • We help you plan this journey
  • We help you design your online home experience to maximise conversion to sales
  • We help you decide how best to spend your money to get ‘the right’ people in the door.
  • We help you to get your customers to “keep coming back for more”.
  • We help you help your customers to gain from and share your great value with others.
  • We help your customers refer people to you because you are a Trusted partner / provider.
  • Designing your new website takes all of this into account
  • With very specific SEO web design planning and focus and methods and techniques we build and pre-optimise your website to get listed organically at no cost at the top of search engine result pages for the perfect exact potential customer YOU ARE SEEKING, who YOU KNOW is the perfect customer you can serve.
  • And if you need immediate results, we will help develop a pay per click (PPC) plan for your immediate sales needs while you wait for your SEO strategy to build over the next 6 to 12 months.


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