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Pretty is good yes. But websites are businesses first.


WE build SEO optimised website / systems to be ready for Google page 1 search listings and sites which convert sales. We are serious about Non-Fluff, don't get caught up in creating the next artistic masterpiece, instead we focus on  practical "Doing Business".  We revamp websites to work, which serve a real purpose, TO SELL.

As a Web SEO Agency our task is to Bring New Customers in the Door.  Your SEO specialist starts with online presence consulting, then work in sales psychology and some strategy for your relevant and effective website which  must focus on core sales purposes. Maximize those reader attention seconds with quality customer engagement and a positive experience with your brand.

Honestly, is your current website any more than a useless web pamphlet?


You need an Online HOME, which keeps new and old customers delighted...

 and more and more sales churning in.

Our services in a Nutshell

SEO Web Design with Redline SEO Experts in Cape Town

NEW SEO Web Design

We first get to know your business, establish clear purpose, define the model, then create your SEO-optimised online Home with high google ranking and bring new buyers & sales.


A brand is your memorable identity. Its a little about what you like, more about 'what' you say and mostly about what your customers will perceive. We help get it right. Psychology!

Marketing Projects

Local SEO is critical important yes, and so is how your customers engage with and BUY from you. Window shopping is not Sales. We help you to best spend your $$.


Most people don't know what they buy or should be asking for. Near every hosting company sales-pitch irrelevant nonsense. We provide everything that truly matters. What we use, what we DEMAND.  Come host with us.


Everything you put out is judged by current and potential customers. Your ads, emails, your posts on Facebook, Linked-in, socials, YouTube. We help create engaging ads and text copy which connects, evokes feeling and engages.

copywriting & editing

Proofread and edit of existing documents, check grammar and spelling, westernise foreign documents, limited translations.
We help Eastern companies to provide better English documents to western markets.

So, what's really relevant?  We always try do "relevant".



Purposeful SEO Web Design

Again, we are about relevance. What is the purpose of your online home? Just a pretty brochure with a phone number is meaningless. We study your business. What's more important, a few new customers or maximising your relevance for the next 10 years. Who are your current buyers?  What is important to them?

Your website MUST leverage tech, to multiply man hours. 

Are buyers finding your online home?


Buyers have got to find your business. What is best for YOUR TYPE of business? Finding eyes and feet online, or direct hitting the phones and streets. What is your best spend? And how do we best use your dollars to maximise your business model. Do you have a model?

Fact : 97% of consumers searched online to find a local business in their area.

Fact : 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google properties (Search, Images & Maps).

So Your website MUST be found on Google Page 1, somehow

You have to know your market, how buyers buy, where to find them and how best to leverage your online presence to maximise benefits for you and for your valued clients. Hone your model for max profits. All our retainer accounts include Pro-Level S.E.O. by Default.

Unlike many SEO agencies or generic web designers... Its not just a bit of on-site SEO plugins and clicks and social media. 

There is so much more to it, where to save, re-allocate funds, what to cut, where to focus, how to dominate your market, how to get the most organic incoming new customers, and how to REDLINE Max your profits.

Focus on what is relevant to you

Cover the bases that matter

What matters?  Results!

Do you get plenty google leads to try close a deal with?

Fact : 97% of consumers searched online to find a local business in their area. And 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google properties (Search, Images & Maps).

So SEO is a Must, no question.  But should you spend $500 or $2,000 a month on ever changing SEO?  What is genuinely best for Your 'type' of business?

Every webhost, designer, artist,  studio, agency, all the cute names, everyone is a salesman pushing the same cookie cutter conveyer. You must have this and this and this, everything we CAN do you MUST have. 

We call 'bull-sheet'. Most customers don't know what they truly need and therefore just trusts that the designer probably (hopefully) knows better. Sadly, as  long as they can sell anything, many could care less about your business success. Your results! Sales. Income.  

We treat your business & success
  ... as if it were our own.

What would WE DO if this was our business.

How would we spend precious marketing dollars. 

So forget about hype sellers. What you need is Page 1 search listings, serious speed, top security, relevancy, solid content that fits your business model, know your purpose, leverage technology, cover the foundation, like google maps and SEO page 1. Know how your customer finds you. Help them find you online. Then your site must help SELL and make money.

Receiving a curious visitor is but 20% of the sales process. 

At REDLINE Web Works we focus ONLY on what matters. What WE use ourselves. Not here to sell you pointless nonsense.  Or sell you anything.

We PARTNER with companies who walk a journey to success with us. We share our experience, know-how, we are first consultants, then marketers, then designers and finally graphic artists. We help your business position best in your market.


So no, we don't do cheap. We DO solid VALUE. 

About Us

be smart - be relevant

Professional SEO & Web Design Agency

We feel that too many web agencies and designers are youngsters, tech savvy yes, but little real experience of the world of business. What closes a deal. Makes the sale. What works in the world of the target customer, what matters to them, how they  are able to engage with technology. Pretty pamphlets don't sell even to thousands of visitors. You have to connect with and speak to the buyer in their frame.

This is where we excel. As entrepreneur and owner of numerous businesses for 30 years, Deon has a good grasp of the business world, from small retail to the corporate boardroom, many segments of industry, having dome all the marketing and online presence for many companies. Get rid of the fluff, know what the buyer wants. He/She wants: "Yes, that's right."

Professional SEO & Web Design Agency

A couple of customers...

share their feelings

From no online presence at all to a stunning website for my legal practice in Durban. Superbly happy for 2 years already.
Deon did my first and final website in 2017 and its superb. Graphics are gorgeous. My LP Gas business in George is a small but serious company as we do commercial gas as well. Even though we are small and specialist, now our customers just know we mean business with this level of professional online presence.
Massive upgrade to our previous website. Total rework of everything from how we re-engage with old customers we lost to stunning email communications. We finally understand why we lost many customers, who buys what and, why they don't buy many of our other products. They just didn't know we made or stocked them. Revitalised our client base. It took many hours and lots of understanding but the results are soo worth it.
They quickly created a great website for our NPO. The project was put on hold for a few months but will continue early 2022 and Deon agreed to teach me how to do all my own updates on the website, putting us in charge of our content. Wonderful & empowering.
We love our new website thank you. Super fast, professional, affordable. We will engage with Search Engine Listings and special customer booking and support system soon. Excited and so pleased.
Love our website. Concise, fast, to the point, very professional image for our market. Super happy customer for 3 years. Not a single glitch ever, amazing support. Thank you.
Redline Webworks, so much more than web development. My experience with Deon and Redline has been nothing short of exemplary. From the outset of the project Deon gave me professional advice, always delivered on time (more often than not ahead of schedule) and always went above and beyond the call of duty, equally as invested in my vision as I am. Deon has been the corner stone of my website from day one, quite frankly all I do is take photographs and leave the rest in his more than capable hands.If you're after an all round web-guru, that cares about your business and your end goal as much as you do - look no further.Willem-Petrus Pretorius Owner and Founder High Tower Photography
Pro service. Super happy with the service. Deon goes above and beyond the call of duty, taking the time to really understand your business and who you are trying to reach before building a website that will deliver on those goals. He clearly understands the psychology of marketing.
A great project. Redline web works established great partnership with us to launch south africa's first official e-commerce distribution shop for the world-renowned LAUNCH brand of vehicle diagnostics equipment. Not only is it FAST, pretty and dynamic, it auto translate to numerous languages including afrikaans. Redline also operates the web-shop and customer engagement for us, as well as the national online marketing campaigns to all auto workshops and dealers. Couldn't be happier.

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