About Us

At Redline Web Works we are Professional SEO Experts based just out of  Cape Town, South Africa, in the beautiful Paarl & Wellington winelands. 

Our client base is the USA, UK, Ireland, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

With a virtual office in the cloud and our SEO expert team from around the world, we conduct most meetings on Zoom, Skype, Google, else at your company offices if nearby. 

Our Service is
Our Current Time Capacity
Available Project Time 46%

We build SEO optimised websites for Google page 1 search listings and sites which convert sales. Bring New Customers in the Door.  

Furthermore, we are all about Search Engine Listing Results SEO Web Design. Always to get you the coveted page 1 listings. 

We feel that too many web agencies and designers are youngsters, tech savvy yes, but little real experience of the world of business.

What closes a deal? Makes the sale?
What works in the world of the target customer, what matters to them, how they  are able to engage with technology? Pretty pamphlets don’t sell even to thousands of visitors. You have to connect with and speak to the buyer in their frame.

This is where we excel. As entrepreneur and owner of numerous businesses for 30 years, we have a good grasp of the business world, from small retail to the corporate boardroom, many segments of industry, having dome all the marketing and online presence for many companies.

Get rid of the fluff, know what the buyer wants.

He or She wants to feel and hear inside: “Yes, that’s right.”


We are NOT always a good fit for every customer.

Please  do make contact with us  today and let’s see if we can contribute great value, see if we are a good match for your business.